My posts on Satanism are in draft form as I make some adjustments. I have a third one in progress, but need to get those organised in order to write it out. I’m thinking of titling the series differently as what they were before doesn’t fit.

I did get a good amount of views on them, and that’s important to me, so I will keep them.

I’ve had TWC for a long time now, plus Frontier and whatever third company used to provide us internet service.

Since the Spectrum merger, there are a lot more options. We’re switching to that. My poor PS4 and mom will finally be able to use the internet!!

Asked for information from an Agnostic group and got shit for having “god” in my (very ancient) email address. I wasn’t aware that Agnostics weren’t permitted to have their own beliefs, or to ask questions!

I know it’s December, but there’s just so many Snowflakes…