I’ve had TWC for a long time now, plus Frontier and whatever third company used to provide us internet service.

Since the Spectrum merger, there are a lot more options. We’re switching to that. My poor PS4 and mom will finally be able to use the internet!!

Great Book

I found an amazing book recently, and I want to share.

Witchcraft: Theory and Practice

I have never connected with a book on this subject so well, and I have read way too many books on this subject.

If you’re drawn to Wicca, but something never fits, read this book. There is none of that essentialist, sex-cult crap in this.

What’s Going On?

I don’t consider myself a Medium, but I suppose that’s the best word for what I can do that I’ve ever found.

Maybe that isn’t the best glide into this post, but it is what it is.

The investigation is over, and it was ruled a suicide. His mom is okay, but his dad is in the anger stage. Not at him, but at his wife for treating him like shit. Only a few people are going to the funeral, mainly to avoid her. She put the nails in her own coffin on this one. That’s all I’m saying about that.

I just wanted to update everyone (those posts about him have a whole lotta ‘likes’) that he’s okay. I helped him a couple of days after I got word of what happened. His appearance was not so nice, but spirits never look good after violent deaths. I always wish I could unsee, but I doubt that’ll happen.

Hades helped with it without me asking, mainly because I didn’t think to ask, and his energy was so upsetting physically, that I was getting sick. After that was over, my dad ended up seeing his apparition (he’s able to do that), and my mom told me he was all patched up and looked normal.

This morning (a little while ago), I was woken up by the smell of Old Spice. I knew it was him, as I live in the country, and no one in my house can use it, as I break into hives and really can’t breathe. I had no allergic reaction at all. We ended up talking for a while, and it helped.

He knows I have a history with depression, and that I tend to keep things to myself. He said to not do that, seeing as he did and it didn’t get him anywhere good while he was here. He basically said that it’s far more important to do everything you can to make yourself happy than to stay mired in shit for whatever reason.

I won’t go into the other things we talked about, as frankly, it’s no one else’s business.

So that’s that.

In The Name of Love, and Other Ponderings : Chapter Three

Chapter Three:

Today, we have another exhibit for pondering.

Gallows humour. Or, as I like to put it, take the single least funny thing you can think of and imagine some random dude in a corner laughing so hard about it that he can’t breathe. And then laugh, because he seriously cannot breathe. That’s it, that’s gallows humour.

To be genuinely serious, gallows humour is also referred to as dark humour. It can be as simple as an involuntary laugh in an unpleasant situation, to something as complex as a survivor of horrific trauma finding humour in the most disgusting of things. It is typically a coping mechanism, so do not judge anyone for it.

You may need it one day, too.

After all, everyone who lives long enough will die, and everyone is just dying to get into that cemetery you passed the other day.

In The Name of Love, and Other Ponderings : Chapter Two

Chapter Two:

Take the other day, for example. A mother and child were out at market, and the child wanted a toy. Now, children are inherently selfish creatures, and this is a good thing for them. They can be selfless as well, but that isn’t for this little pondering.

The mother, who was very poor, could have done one of two things and still have been considered decent by my standards; refuse to give the child a toy, as it would’ve been a choice between fun and starvation, or give the toy anyway in order to assuage the child’s stress at a very unpleasant situation.

What do you suppose she did? The third option, or a fourth?

Maybe I’ll leave it up to you. Get to know me a little bit by thinking about it. Get into my head, Mortal.

In The Name of Love, and Other Ponderings : Chapter One

I’ve decided to start sharing some of the stuff I write from other sites, here!

In The Name of Love, and Other Ponderings


We all do things we claim are in the name love, but when it really comes down to it, is that the truth? Is that all?

Contains ponderings of Hades.

Chapter One:

We all do things we claim are in the name love, but when it really comes down to it, is that the truth? In my experience, a lot of mortals tend to avoid admitting that they have selfish reasons for doing things.

Now, there is no shame in being selfish. For a mortal, a distinct lack of selfishness usually results in a distinct lack of enjoyment. In some cases, a distinct lack of their own life.

I have pondered mortals and why they do things for a long time… a very very long time. I get bored sometimes, and with no electricity, it isn’t as if I am able to watch one of those moving pictures. So I just find other things to do, with varying measures of success.