An Overdue Queer Wiccan Mythology


This is but a small glimpse into the God and Goddess of Wicca. I share this in the hope others like me will find it when it is time. We have our own stories. It’s time we share them without shame.

Mine are good enough.

Yours are good enough.

We are good enough.

You are good enough.

That is all.

I have heard it said that the Earth is Goddess and Queen, Provider of all things for those She cradles. In the day, there is the Ocean, a liquid Thing, and by night, His Lover, the Moon. The Sun and Earth are Father and Mother, and They love all of Their Children. 

I have heard tell of two Kings, of Oak and of Holly, Who, Beloved and Lover, dance a sacred dance of love and lust and enchantment throughout the seasons. The other creatures see Their love and are encouraged to grow, and find hope in trying times.

I have heard whispers of a Pair of Majestic Stags, One a pure, glorious white, the Other a soft, quiet brown. They meet in the Winter as Fawns, and grow in Their adoration and love of One Another as the seasons progress. One is a Reindeer, bright as the newly fallen snow, One is a White-tailed Deer, Who, for a brief time is covered in soft white spots as His Own youthful radiance shines through. In the Spring, They assist in the birthing and raising of fawns, in Summer, in the finding of food, and in Autumn, in the protection of the Tribe.

– By Lavan Volkov (Tarvok)



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